PeaZip 8.2.0 中文多语免费版 – 免费开源的压缩软件


PeaZip 8.2.0 中文多语免费版 – 免费开源的压缩软件
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PeaZip 8.2.0 中文多语免费版 – 免费开源的压缩软件插图


2021 09 12



(Linux) Upodated?Brotli?to?1.0.9?version
(Linux) Added read support (browse / test / extract) to?Lzip .lz?file type
Added support for .apkm, .apks, and .aab packages Android package formats


(Linux) maximum length of CL generated on Linux systems is now increased to 128 K characters in contrast to much more limited 32 K characters allowed on Windows systems
About screen now displays information about widget set and CPU architecture of the build for better troubleshooting
Improved command line usage

New?res\batch\ folder containing sample scripts?pointing to main app functions to help portabilize and deploy the application on multiple environments: the directory contains sample .bat scripts (Windows), SendTo menu links (Windows), freedesktop_integration examples (Linux) and will expand in future.
Fixed -add27z, -add2zip and related switches: when multiple items are passed the archive is named accordingly the directory name of first item, as in the GUI version of the same action
New -ext2here, -ext2folder (alias -ext2smart), -ext2newfolder switches for CL, executing single or multiple tasks as a single sequence of extract here, extract here smart folder, and extract here to new folder respectively

Extraction to new folder can now be forced to use smart folder option (-ext2folder, alias -ext2smart) or to not use it (-ext2newfolder)
With new extraction functions extraction of multiple items can run in a single instance without stealing the focus each time the next task in sequence is started
SendTo links to extraction functions are updated to use those new functions for better handling of queues of multiple tasks, now matching features provided by context menu entries but with advantages of being cross platform, not suffering artificial limitation of input items number, and being much more faster and cpu/memory efficient in receiving input list from system to application
Previous version of same switches, not running as a single instance queue, are available with “_” suffix, i.e. -ext2here_; in this way existing scripts does not need to be updated to benefit of new functions, but can be easily adapted to use old version of the switches if preferred

Improved generation of more compact command lines from GUI, with better detection of cases of automatic switch to “extract all”
Various fixes

Fixed breadcrumb for “Open unit as archive” in context menu, File manager > System tools
Fixed deselecting “TAR before” and selecting “Add each object to a separate archive” it is now possible to create multiple archive at once for types such as bz2, br, gz, zst


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